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Electro-rock track “All About Waiting” highlights singer-songwriter’s upcoming album ‘IN///PARALLEL’

 Dhani Harrison will release his debut solo LP, IN///PARALLEL, on October 6th via BMG. The album’s lead single, “All About Waiting,” is a psychedelic electro-rock odyssey filled with throbbing synthesizers and psychological pondering. “Even though you’re present in the moment,” Harrison croons, “doesn’t mean that you’re not sad and lonely.”

The track is built on a thrilling quiet-loud arrangement, building from minimalist electronic verses to choruses laced with proggy triplet drum fills and sky-scraping choral voices. Harrison, son of Beatles guitarist George Harrison, also previewed IN///PARALLEL with a teaser clip featuring another new song, showcasing intricate vocal harmonies and a biting guitar solo.

The album is available for pre-order, along with limited-edition bundle packages.

A statement about the LP describes IN///PARALLEL as “echoing his influences over the past few years as a composer.” In recent years, the musician has scored several films and TV shows, including Amazon’s 2015 series Good Girls Revolt.

Harrison previously played guitar and sang in London alt-rock act Thenewno2 with Oliver Hicks. The duo released three albums and two EPs, most recently the score to 2013 film Beautiful Creatures.

The guitarist, who recently helped induct Electric Light Orchestra into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has two solo shows booked: July 24th at Los Angeles’ the Echo and Sunday, July 30th at New York City’s Panorama Festival.

Dhani Harrison – IN///PARALLEL Track List

1. “Never Know”
2. #WarOnFalse”
3. “Úlfur Resurrection”
4. “Downtown Tigers”
5. “London Water”
6. “Summertime Police”
7. “Poseidon (Keep Me Safe)”
8. “The Light Under The Door”
9. “All About Waiting”
10. “Admiral of Upside Down”

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By Andy Kellman, AllMusic

Oakland-born, Atlanta-based singer/rapper Robert Davis first recorded as Rolls Royce Rizzy, pinged the radar of a certain luxury automobile manufacturer, and subsequently altered his name to Royce Rizzy. Davis settled on 24hrs following a brief affiliation with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label. A more R&B-oriented outlet for Davis — with pitch-altered, bottom-heavy slow jams the m.o., placing him somewhere between the-Dream and frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign — 24hrs debuted in 2016 with multiple bundles of SoundCloud uploads and Open, an EP released commercially through Private Club. The eight-track follow-up Night Shift followed in 2017, at which point Davis had also racked up outside collaborations with the likes of MadeinTYO (his brother), Ty, G-Eazy, and Blackbear.

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By Andy Cush, Billboard

“Less Than,” the first single from the upcoming ADD VIOLENCE EP and the last we heard from Nine Inch Nails, gave us the sound of Trent Reznor’s industrial rock institution doing what they do best: sleek sequenced synths, then explosive guitar noise; a tight and sleazy verse, then a big shouted chorus; a lot of tension, then just enough release. “This Isn’t the Place,” the followup single, is a slipperier composition, less “Head Like a Hole” than, say, “11 Ghosts II.”  It’s the kind of Nine Inch Nails song that offers mounting pressure that never seems to resolve, and it’s more powerful for withholding any sort of contrived catharsis.

Aside from some wordless moans, “This Isn’t the Place” waits a full two and a half minutes before introducing Reznor’s singing voice. If only because of this quasi-instrumental opening, it’s likely to remind you of Ghosts I-IV, NIN’s sprawling collection of wordless sketches from 2008, or of Reznor’s work with longtime collaborator Atticus Ross, providing shattered-glass sonics for films like The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. These are the works on which Reznor fully embraced his role as tinkerer and sound designer, placing importance on the delicate interactions between a small collection of drones and eerie percussive sounds, rather than the power of bloodletting wails.

“This Isn’t the Place,” too, is conspicuously minimal in its arrangement, with ping-ponging synth accents and a persistent pallor that made me wonder whether its title is a wry play on the utopian Talking Heads classic. When Reznor finally does start singing, it’s in a cracked and uncertain falsetto. He seems more interested in using his voice as just element in the atmosphere, rather than acting as rock’n’roll frontman. Over the course of the song, a swelling string ensemble creeps slowly out from the back of the mix, and for one thrilling moment, it threatens to overtake him completely. Then, the strings recede and dissolve. In short order, so does everything else.

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In mid-2011 Hawkes produced, performed and co-wrote with singer-songwriter Miranda Dawn for her debut album, Reason to Feel Alive with co-performances and production by Hawkes. The majority of performances, both duo and solo acoustic, were recorded live to demonstrate the natural life in her emotive songwriting.

Dawn was recognized as a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk songwriting competition and performed with Hawkes at the festival in May 2012.

Dawn and Hawkes continued co-writing and touring together. They released a collaborative effort, Golden Heart, in June 2012. The album features production with their full band and more stripped down live acoustic sound.

In 2013, the duo auditioned for season 6 of the American reality talent show The Voice. Their audition was broadcast on NBC on February 24, 2014, on the inaugural episode of season 6 singing an acoustic version of The Beatles song “I’ve Just Seen a Face”. Two of the four judges, Adam Levine and Shakira pressed the “I Want You” button turning their chairs. “That was my favorite performance I have ever seen — ever — on ‘The Voice'” said Levine. After a brief consultation, they picked to be on Team Adam.

Their iTunes single for “I’ve Just Seen A Face” climbed the chart hitting #1 in Rock sales and #22 across all genres. Their previously released “Golden Heart” EP followed, climbing to #2 in the singer/songwriter chart.

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By Sadie Bell, Billboard

CYN, born Cynthia Nabozny, is on the brink of cultivating the dreamy music career that nearly every singer daydreams about, but few can seriously fathom. Just a few years ago, CYN was a teenager growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, jotting lyrics in notebooks and escaping the melancholy of middle America through music. But now, because of her delightful voice and unabashed determination, CYN finds herself playing music for Katy Perry in her home and signed to the mega pop star’s label, Unsub Records.

I found myself in Katy Perry’s living room playing my original music on a very colorful piano,” CYN tells Billboard. “It was absolutely surreal, but I got to wake up the next morning and tell myself it wasn’t a dream.”

After attending Perry’s California Dreams Tour in 2011, CYN says she reached out to Perry’s opening act, DJ Skeet Skeet, and after hearing her transformative voice, he knew the up-and-coming artist had something to offer. Over time, she says the two fostered a friendship, Skeet brought her out to L.A. to collaborate, and eventually she was connected to Perry, who fell in love with CYN in just the same way.

Though it may seem like her whirlwind career fell together by way of chance encounters, that narrative negates the singer’s raw artistry. Like many of us, CYN found solace in music and personal reflection in writing — realizing that she had a voice that needed to be heard. “I found in music an emotional understanding,” she says. “As I went through the typical thralls of adolescence, music proved to be my catharsis. It became something so special when it provided me with a means of understanding and relief. Our world is spinning, always — and to me, it makes so much more sense through a rhythm and a melody.”

What came from CYN’s love for singing and composition is a crisp, spirited pop sound carried by her timeless, all-embracing voice and literary lyrics that feel sincere and ripped from the pages of a poetry book.

CYN says she has always found “a voice of understanding” in writing and aims to use the creative vessel to “declare her individuality” as an artist. “The idea of blending in is so painful to me! I love when my word order gets a little weird or when I accidentally turn a noun into a verb.”

Her latest release “Together,” out today (July 14) on Unsub, is a flirtatious, saccharine track, its strings pulled together by the sprightly sound of CYN’s voice and lyrics that feel like a treat. With verses like, “Like the moon in the night / Can’t have one without the other / Like a bird and it’s flight / They just make more sense together,” and references to such classic crooners and comedians as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, the single embodies the singer’s pop poeticism.

A couple days ago, I was thinking about ‘Together,’ and I came to the conclusion that it is the happiest song I’ve wrote so far,” she says. “I think this reveals an artistic intention that seeks optimism and solutions as opposed to pessimism or dead ends.”

The song is the first release off CYN’s forthcoming EP, which she made in collaboration with Perry’s team at Unsub. “Working with Katy and her team is everything I could have wished for. Katy asks me questions like, ‘Are you finding yourself through your art? Do you feel comfortable?’ These are questions you pray for your label to ask. Katy’s like my older song sister, a mentor who understands that I’m my best when I’m allowed to be myself.”

Though the singer was able to catch the attention of the industry, she intends to create music for other young people searching for understanding, just as she had growing up. “I hope my music can provide understanding for someone else,” says CYN. “I hope someone can make sense of their own feelings through my songs, almost like a melodic representation of feelings otherwise invisible.”

Listen to CYN’s “Together” below.

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Known by his stage name of Mura Masa, electronic producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Crossan hails from the Channel Island of Guernsey located between England and France. A lifelong musician, Crossan began experimenting with beats and electronic production at the age of 15, and just two years later, his track “Lotus Eater” was picked up by a number of different BBC Radio 1 DJs, effectively launching his career. His 2014 Soundtrack to a Death mixtape was released by German indie Jakarta Records, and the following year he signed a distribution deal with Polydor to release his debut EP, Someday Somewhere. Arriving on his own imprint, Anchor Point Records, the EP featured vocal contributions from U.K. singers Nao, Denai Moore, and Jay Prince. His “Lovesick Fuck” single climbed to number one on viral charts and he followed up in late 2015 with the single “Love for That,” featuring Manchester singer Shura. A year later, Crossan collaborated with American rapper A$AP Rocky on a reworked version of “Lovesick Fuck,” breathing new life into the single now retitled “Love$ick.” He began 2017 with “1 Night,” a collaborative single with Charli XCX, in advance of his debut album. Mura Masa’s eponymous full-length effort arrived in the summer of that year via Interscope Records. Alongside Rocky and XCX, the release also featured guest appearances from multi-instrumentalist Damon Albarn, French singer/songwriter Christine & the Queens, and American rapper Desiigner.

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Sounds Like: Piano ballads and a bottle of wine; country soul with an L.A. sheen

For Fans of: Rihanna, Sam Hunt, Faith Hill

Why You Should Pay Attention: Raised in Colorado, Ingrid Andress traveled the country with her father, who worked as a trainer for the Colorado Rockies and New York Mets. She seemed destined to pursue sports herself, but passed on playing volleyball in college for a vocal scholarship at Berklee College of Music. There, Andress’ songwriting caught the attention of one of her instructors, hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi, who signed her to her publishing house. The Lady Gaga fan won the Unsigned Only Music contest for her song “Footprints” and went on to score song placements with pop stars like Charli XCX and Akon. Andress’ own music, however, leans toward pop-friendly country ballads.

She Says: “Even though the stuff I do is country, because country to me is the place where I feel most fulfilled, I love stepping into L.A. and New York with all these extreme personalities and have to take them on and write for them. That’s also a part of me. I consider myself a pop songwriter, but as far as I am as a person or artist, I’m nothing like Lady Gaga. I love the stories and songs, and country really supports that, which is why I like it.”

Hear for Yourself: Debut single “Stranger” is a soulful, stripped-down ballad about remorse and yearning to make the same mistake twice. J.G. 

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Lucy Dacus is a singer and songwriter who emerged from the thriving indie rock scene of Richmond, Virginia in the mid-2010s. She sports a buttery voice that commands both her thoughtful rock tunes and more intimate confessionals. Born and raised in Mechanicsville just outside of Richmond, her mother was a music teacher, and Dacus grew up singing. She began writing regularly via journaling in the sixth grade, and attended concerts, connecting with the Richmond music scene throughout high school. After graduating, she tried studying film at Virginia Commonwealth University with a plan to make music on the side, but soon dropped out and concentrated on writing songs. Her debut was put together relatively last-minute when a friend who worked at Starstruck Studio in Nashville let her know they had an open day. She had assembled a band from area musicians in guitarist Jacob Blizard, bass player Christine Moad, and drummer Hayden Cotcher, and the songs, which had been written solo, were arranged for the quartet in the week leading up to a ten-hour recording session. The friend at the studio, Collin Pastore, engineered and mixed the album, which was co-produced by Dacus, Pastore, and Blizard. Richmond label Egghunt Records took interest in the results and released No Burden in early 2016. The album quickly received buzz in the indie music press, and the band did an Audiotree Live session in March that was released as a digital EP. That June, 21-year-old Dacus announced she had signed with Matador Records, which reissued No Burden in September 2016. ~ Marcy Donelson, Rovi

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Navraj Singh Goraya, known by his stage name Nav, is a Canadian hip-hop artist and producer. He is known for his friendship and collaboration with The Weekend.

Career Beginnings

Nav was born in 1989 in Rexdale, Ontario. He pursued music in 2015, through posting his songs on SoundCloud. Notably, Take Me Simple, gained some internet attention. Furthermore, he co-produced and co-wrote Drake’s Back to Black, a diss of Meek Mill. In 2016, Nav became famous, after Kylie Jenner promoted his song Myself, on her Snapchat. Moreover, his songs Take Me Simple and The Man were broadcasted on Beats 1, OVO Sound’s radio (owned by Drake).


In late 2016, Nav was featured on Travis Scott’s hit Beibs in the Trap. The single received a gold certification and peaked at number 90 the Hot 100 chart. Finally, in February 2017, Nav released his self-titled debut mixtape, through XO and Republic Records. The lead single, Some Way, with The Weekend, topped the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart and reached number 38 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song is possibly related to Nas’ feud with Justin Bieber. Additionally, the song received a music video in March. Myself was shortly released as the second single. Most recently, a music video for Good for It came out, containing scenes with Naz on The Weekend’s tour.

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By Kristin Corpuz, Billboard

Up-and-coming R&B singer Stanaj has just delivered a knockout follow-up to his EP From a Distance with his new single, “The Way I Love Her,” released Friday (June 30). Coming off a U.S. tour with fellow vocal powerhouse JoJo, Stanaj brings his sultry riffs and smooth tone to the catchy beat, produced and co-written by Simon Wilcox and RedOne.

“Collaborating with RedOne was such a refreshing feeling,” says Stanaj of the venture. “The chemistry came so quickly and naturally; we haven’t stopped working for two months now.”

The Republic Records singer has been publicly endorsed by musical superstars — including Justin Timberlake, Drake, and Chris Brown — as well as NBA athlete Brandon Jennings and social media mogul Kim Kardashian West. Check out the new song below.

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