By Bryan Kress, Billboard

If Spencer Ludwig’s refreshing blend of jazz, funk, and pop on the 2016 viral hit “Diggy” caught you by surprise, prepare for six more sides to the song on his new EP Diggy Feels, Pt. 1, out now via Warner Bros. Records. Including remixes by Grammy-winning electronic artist RAC, St. Lucia’s Nick Paul, and Jeffrey Brodsky, the new release gives fans a chance to see the developing dimensions of the prodigious trumpeter and singer.

“I put together this collection of remixes for two main reasons. The first is to be able to connect with all types of music lovers from all over the world,” Ludwig tells Billboard, in typical two-part fashion. “The other main reason… is to showcase the amazing talent within my inner circle. I am so proud to call all of these incredibly talented producers friends, and I am honored to be a platform for their discovery.”

While some selections came naturally from the studio, like the remix by “Diggy” writing partner Daniel Nigro, others were more personal — as is the case with the feature from middle-school collaborator Cary Singer and another from AHEE, who shares an alma mater with Ludwig.

“I’d like to think that ‘Diggy’ is a song for everyone,” Ludwig says. “Whether you’re into pop, EDM, deep house, tropical house, dubstep, nu disco, indie alternative… there will be a remix for you, and this will also hopefully turn into the beginning of our journey together.”

Part 1 will be followed by the second installment on June 16, that Ludwig says will be “full of whole new group productions and feels.” Check out the new EP on Spotify below, and be sure to catch Ludwig perform at Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival this August at Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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