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Antonio Marquet Smith (aka Mission) was born August 30th, 1989 in Greenville, MS. After living in Mississippi for 9 years, Mission and his family moved to Sacramento, California. As a child Mission has always had an ear for music, along with a strong passion and the gift to rap. He started writing and making music when he was 15 years old. Mission began using his gifts in the secular rap arena until one day God spoke to him, and told him, “that he was working against His Kingdom”. This was the very day he started making Gospel music and turned his life (all the way) over to God.
Mission attends Calvary Christian Center, and serves as a youth leader in the youth ministry. Calvary is also where he met his wife Shawnay, and they now have 2 beautiful children, Ahmarahzhanee’ & Antonio Jr.
Eventually, he met Michael Miller (aka Believa) who believed in the passion and dream that he had for music. He was then signed to the label and now is an artist of Gospel Mission Records.
Mission says “remember to put God first, and nothing is impossible”!
– God First, God Bless –

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