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Numerous Netgear and D-Link demonstrate routers utilize as their default IP address. It is utilized as a part of a private IPv4 network address as the router portal. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from address clashes, just a single gadget can utilize on a network. Other regular […]


Are you facing an issue with your Wi-Fi or Internet connection? After a hard day at work, when you return home hoping to see some rejuvenating videos online, it’s annoying to know that your computer is not getting connected to the net even after you turn on your router. The first thing that most of […]


In today’s world of Internet, where we have to remember lots of usernames and passwords for the different accounts that we have, it’s quite natural to forget passwords. The same is applicable to router passwords as well. If you have forgotten the password of your router, then you should know how to change or recover […]


An IP address is a captivating product of modern computer technology that is basically designed to allow one computer to communicate with another via the Internet. ‘IP’ stands for Internet Protocol, which is actually a unique string of numbers that are separated by full stops and helps in identifying each computer that is using the […]


If you’ve already come across the Megabox HD app, you’ll understand why it has become such a hit on a global basis. If not, we’d strongly recommend going ahead and trying Megabox HD for yourself right now! Of all the apps that enable you to stream the highest quality movies and television shows from all […]