In today’s world of Internet, where we have to remember lots of usernames and passwords for the different accounts that we have, it’s quite natural to forget passwords. The same is applicable to router passwords as well. If you have forgotten the password of your router, then you should know how to change or recover the Forgot Router Password. Fortunately, there are solutions. Read on to find out.

In Factory Settings, You Can Reset Your Router Password: By hard-resetting your router, you can retune the device back to factory default settings. That implies the router password and the username will be reset to their default settings too. Once you finish hard-reset on your router login page, you can sign in using the default password and username.

Forgot Router Password – How to Change or Recover the Lost Password:

Troubleshooting Steps: Before you hard reset your router, It is better to attempt few troubleshooting steps that might help you to log in. Below are the 3 steps to troubleshoot.

Verify the IP Address of Router: While signing in to the router, be sure to use the right IP address.

Try to Sign in Using the Default Password and User Name: In case you fail to sign in to your router, you can try signing in using your router’s default password and username.

Reset the Router: In case the above two steps are not sufficient for you to sign in to your router, try to hard reset your router.

Default Password and Username:

Prior to trying a hard reset on your router, you can try entering the default password and username. Though it is not likely to be the same for all the devices, it will allow you to access. In many circumstances, the default password and username for a router will be the following:

The username will be administrator or admin

The password will be or admin

Useful Tip: In case you are not aware of your default router password and username, you can get into the website for a complete listing.

Reset Your Router:

In case the default password and username does not work, you or your network manager might have changed it in the past. Almost all routers will have a tiny pinhole button at the bottom or back of the device. If you press and hold on to it for ten to fifteen seconds, It will hard reset the router. This will help you to restore all default settings and after this, you can use the factory default password and username.

After the router gets reset, you can change the password of your choice by entering the setup screen. Similarly, you should ensure that you re-enter configuration settings, which were in place earlier to the reset.

Now that you know how to reset the Forgot Router Password, you can go ahead and try it out. It’s recommended to change the password once in a while to avoid illegal access by hackers.